Year 5

We are Year 5!!

Year 5

Thank You

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I would like to say a big thank you to Mr. Stringer, who has been my teacher since Christmas. He has been so great and I am really sad that he has to go. He has said lots of positive things about my work and helped me to get it even better. He has so many reward systems that make our class really good. He has helped me with lots of things to do with my work and make me really happy.

Thank you




Y5 survey

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Please could everyone in Year 5 complete our new pupil survey.

Create your free online surveys with SurveyMonkey, the world’s leading questionnaire tool.


My favourite things poem Alicia H

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I like to play out in the street

Steak is my favourite type of meat

The park is a fun place to play

Night is the best time of day

Packages make me excited

And I support Manchester United

Kickboxings my favourite sport

I like stories but only short

I like animals manly dogs

I really don’t like adult  frogs!!!!!!



My dream world by Alicia H

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A sea of glistening emeralds, with the biggest galleons floating on the surface of the brightly coloured jewels.The sky like the comfiest quilt in the whole universe. Grass as green as an envious beast lurking on the more fortunate. Trees as tall as the biggest skyscrapers in the grand city of New York. The sand as soft as a cushion whilst it lies by the sea sunbathing lazily. The rivers as fast as Usain Bolt when he is running strenuously along the immense tracks of the Olympic games. The pebbles as smooth as silk on the richest persons night gown. The breeze as warm as India on a rich summers evening.


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On the night that kills winter,up near to the old inn door,at 12:00 midnight the you shall live no more,the ghost of an old  highway man is sat on the saddle of his horse. His eyes are as black as coal,his pistol glints in the light,his rapier close by his side,as he gallops off through the night .

He holds his pistol high and as he gallops by,he gives you a swift death,in the blink of an night when the moon was sharp,he came riding riding up to the old inn door,where Elizabeth the land lords doughter beatiful land lords doughter stood gazing into the distance.

“one kiss my love”he plead,and tommorow ill bring back gold silver and rubys as red as blood,as she gave him the kiss he had been waiting for he rode off into the deathly night.

He wasn’t back by morning nor back by noon,but three of the kings men did. They tied her up in her room and stole her  fathers beer,as she pushed the trigger of the musket and shot herself dead the highway man cursed and swore to the sky.

To this preasent day people say that that they see the ghost of the highwayman riding off into the distance with his pistol above his head.


Imagine this

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The sky was the biggest sapphire covered with blotches of white sweet tasting candyfloss dabbed all around, lit up with the golden gleaming sun. Twirling para- gliders added colour to the sky as the water skiers skimmed the shallow blue lukewarm sea, the seagulls called with laughter as they soared like eagles from cliff to cliff. People came all different colours red,white and even pale pink! The sand was wet ground gold from the salty sea.


What are you doing this holiday?

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What are you doing this half term? Stuck for ideas? Can you tell me the most exciting thing you have done this holiday. Did you have fun? Remember don’t sit around watching TV and being on the computer these holidays, do something FUN! A whole week off school after 4 days of tests, what could be better? If you wrote a really good piece of work, your teacher will know you have been busy this holiday.


The cliff jump by Kial

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The pressure was killing her starting to walk up the mountain in Cyprus looking at the sea wondering  if  she could do this with her friends .

Half  way up the mountain her body was getting hotter. Now she was noticing how high they were , they could see the top of hotels! Then their feet started to burn they could just see the top.

Finnaly they got to the top ,all feeling scared they were all getting ready to jump. First went Natalie,then Maxine,next Joanne and finally my auntie Kelly. she just did not think about it and jumped  off  the cliff.

“It was scary and better than I thought but my knickers fell off ” she added.


2011 Manchester to Blackpool bike ride recount by Hannah Co

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In 2011 Susan aged 60 achieved an once in an life time opportunity to cycle from Manchester to Blackpool.Susan lined up at the starting line she was awfully scared but she knew her companions Paul and Julie where beside to keep her going.After a while she began to feel tired so when she pasted an hour she stopped at a local shop for the first drink of the ride.As the blazing sun beat down Susan cycled on and no doubt out was determined to continue to reach half way .Later on Susan had wondered when the next stop was accruing Susan decided she needed to stop by the time she arrived at her service stop it had been 2 hours.As the rain beat down up ahead Susan realised she should bring her drink with her to continue.3 hours passed Susan was approaching the finish.With just enough energy left Susan crossed the finish line she had completed her race in 4 and a half hours she was shocked but at the finish her family where there to cheer her on.For the rest of the day Susan and her family celebrated her achievement.


Homestart by Niamh

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Suzanne had just started to volunteer for Homestart, that works with mother and the child’s bond, when one of her colleagues become pregnant and she needed to go on maternity so there was a slot open.Obviously she took it.

Already she had made lots of friends. Homestart was in Leyland and she lived in Horwich so it was a dash everyday. Suzanne always tried her best so her manager Tracey, who was best friend, arranged a cource she she could gain a qualification. Suzanne agreed.

Every morning she would get up, make breakfast for herself and the kids, get her children dressed and looking smart then finally get her terquice uniform on. After a while she got use to the scheduale. Hopefully she will become the manager.